Preserving your carpet is all about keeping it clean between every professional cleaning. Whether you are planning on getting your house carpeted and/or, are just looking for methods to maintain your rugs, the following suggestions will make maintaining your carpet easier.

1) Weekly carpet cleaning
This includes light brushing and vacuuming. Light brushing will loosen if/any stuck dirt or mud and vacuuming removes all the loose dirt before it gets worn into your carpet’s fibers, which can cause damage to the fibers and discoloration. This will help the carpet to last longer.

Although, light cleaning once a week is generally enough, but if a house has kids or pets, then it might need to be done more than once a week.

2) Removing street footwear before walking over the carpet
This way you can keep your carpet clean longer. Place shoe shelf or a basket near front and back door for your family members or guests. You could get in house slippers or shoes to keep your feet warm.

3) Cleaning spills as soon as they occur
Keeping in mind of your rugs material, buy a suitable over the counter carpet cleaner bottle. Soak the spill with white cloth and then using the right amount of carpet cleaner with a new white cloth clean it off. As, once the spill soaks in and dries up, it gets much harder to get out.

If the spill stain is tough and does not get off, then be upfront about where and what it is.

4) Using area rugs
Areas under the dining table and near the bathroom are highly prone to spills and dirt. Ideally, you would keep all the high traffic areas with hardwood or stone floor. But if you already have it carpeted, then area rugs are your best friends. Area rugs are relatively cheap and if something spills on them, then you can clean them easily and some of them can be washed in washing machine too!

5) Better Business Bureau (BBB) Certified Rug Cleaners
Even if you follow these suggestions keep in mind that professional carpet cleaning should be done a minimum of once in every 12-18 months (If you have carpet in high traffic area or have kids and/or pets then once in 6-9 months). Just getting any professional rug cleaner is certainly not enough. “Better Business Bureaus (BBB) is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationship between businesses and consumers — instilling consumer confidence and advancing a trustworthy marketplace for all.” This way you protect yourself against sub standard rug cleaners.