5 Favorite Party Details: Fairy Themed Birthday Cakes

Fairy: a small imaginary being of human form that has magical powers, esp. a female one.

5 fairytale themed cakes

If the thought of the word fairy doesn’t ring a bell with Disney movies or characters, such as, Peter Pan or Tinkerbell than you may want to head over to the Disney vault and get started on watching these fairytale movies. Today I just can’t contain the pure joy that is radiating from the inner 90′s spirit of mine for a few fairy themed party inspiration. Before you and I start drooling over these sweet goodies I’m about to showcase, just think back to your favorite themed animated movie and how spectacular it would be to have a cake inspired by it. Okay ya’ll I think it’s time to reveal today’s 5 favorite party detail.

1.Woodland Fairy Tea Party Cake

Well oh my I think my taste buds just about exploded, isn’t this tea party inspired cake featured on Kara’s Party Ideas just gorgeous?


2. Pixie Cake

Just how intricate are the details in this cake. My mind is utterly blown.

fairytale cakes

3. Peter Pan Cake

Is it just me or did anyone notice that cute little baby on top of this cake. How cute I could just fit him in my pocket? Image Credit: Found on Pinterest


4. Medieval fairytale cake


5. Enchanted Castle Cake

How gorgeous is this enchanted castle cake, I mean the details are simply exquisite from the writing to the flower designs, how can you not fall in love with this design.


I’m sure your just swooning over these gorgeous fairytale themed birthday cakes as I was. What are some other themes you’d like to see showcased on the blog?

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