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Down here in good ole Florida, the weathers mighty hot almost year round and the surf’s quite a charm during those hurricane seasons. So what happens when you mix a Florida girl, who loves the waves, the sun, and party planning? Well if you haven’t already guessed it you get.. drumroll please….. a surfing themed birthday party! Lately, on blogs such as Hostess with the Mostess and Kara’s Party Ideas I’ve fallen head over board in love with bright and festive beach themed birthday parties. For all those Florida natives, and other coastline readers on the blog today, I hope you take away tons of inspiration today in my weekly 5 Favorite Party Details. Maybe your thinking about celebrating your love for the ocean in your upcoming birthday bash, or you simply want to create a watery celebration for your upcoming boys 5th birthday party, but whatever your interests are there’s something here for everyone. But before we get started try answering the following question of the day?

 Soiree Question of the Day? Do you know what the following surf terms mean? Good Luck!






The answers to these terms can be found below

Between you and me, I would of failed if this was an exam because I only knew one answer, but hopefully you’ll know more than me:) Now let the surf inspiration begin.


Surf themed Birthday Parties

1. Beach closed due to shark siting

Incredible surf themed parties from Hwtm/ To view the rest visit

Father & Son Joint Party/ Hostess with the Mostess

2. Tiki Huts, Sunglasses, and Swimsuits
Luau + Surf Themed Birthday Party from Karas Party Ideas/ View the rest of these 5 Favorite Party Details on
Luau + Surf Themed Birthday Party/ Kara’s Party Ideas

3. Welcome to my Beach Bash
Beach bash party ideas from Image Source Catch My Party

Beach Party Decorations/ Catch My Party

4. Let’s have some fun.. Guess who’s turning one
Surf party invitation ideas on Image Source Etsy chachkedesigns
Surf themed invitations

5. Beautiful Luau Centerpiece

adorable surfing luau pool party Image Source andersruff

Adorable Luau Party/ Andersruff

Answers to Soiree Question of the Day

ALOHA SPIRIT- he spirit of a true Hawaiian surfer. 2. Traditionally from the Hawaiian way of life preaching peace and fellowship to all..currently used by surf weasels to mask their kookdom.

BLAH-MALAH- Girl who has taken a board to the face and cant talk right.

SHREDDIN THE GNARL-To shred a gnarly wave.

DUNZO- Totally rad, awesome, best thing ever.

RHINO CHASER- Big wave board (comes from big game hunting and a reference to a Rhino rifle .

Thanks to for providing these amazing terms.


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