5 Favorite Party Details: Colorful Party Favor Ideas

Let’s get it started in here with a few fabulous colorful Party Favor ideas! When I was coming up with what to feature for today’s 5 Favorite Party Details, I thought to myself what is something people love to take away at events that are both personal and exciting….drumroll please…….. Hello Party Favors!!!. What can I say I guess I love gifts from the heart, and I’m sure you do to. So what’s to love about these cute little gifts, it’s a small souvenir given out to guests at a party to showcase your appreciation for having them come to your party. I also like to think of them as tangible items that are apart of the event experience in addition to, all the memories you have to remember the day’s festivities. While there were so many great party favor ideas to choose from I had to narrow it down to 5. Hope you love them as much as I do!

1.Geometric Party Favors

5 fun party favor ideas/ www.allinasoiree.com

2.Colorful Pin Wheels

5 fun party favor ideas/ www.allinasoiree.com

3. Crayola party favor


4. Mr Mustache Party Favor

5 fun party favor ideas/ www.allinasoiree.com

5. Rock Candy Party Favors
rock candy party favors/ www.allinasoiree.com

Soiree Question of the Day?

What are some of the most memorable party favors or goodie bag you received as a child?

Party Favors Credits:

Oh Happy Day- Geometric Gift Boxes, Pinwheel /Craft and Creativity Crayola Party Favor / Kara’s party ideas- colorful party favors, rock candy

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  • http://www.thebridaldetective.com/ The Bridal Detective

    The crayons would be a great idea for entertaining kiddos at a wedding!

    • http://www.allinasoiree.com All in a Soiree

      Wouldn’t it, it’s a really great idea! Definitely something I would incorporate at my future wedding

  • Samantha Heather

    How cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    These party favours are gorgeous. I have received wrapped up cake pops at a wedding once – so devine!

    • http://www.allinasoiree.com All in a Soiree

      No problem:) and thanks love the idea of wrapped up cake pops never actually thought of that one

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